Parents, kids, educators and seniors are playing Flip4Gold! What they are saying…

Mental math made fun!

Flip4Gold is an entertaining way to reinforce math facts. As an educator, I highly recommend this game. It allows students of all ages to either brush up on their skills or challenge themselves in order to reach the final destination. I recommend to my students that they spend five to ten minutes a day playing in order to improve their mental math skills.

It’s never too late to learn to love math!

A fun and engaging game that improves your ability to understand the never-ending relationships that numbers have with one another. Flip4Gold…where were you when I was in grade 4? #betterlatethannever

Great learning tool for kids!

This app is a great learning tool for kids by making math fun! Depending on the age of your child and his/her skill level with math, they can be challenged with multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. The app encourages kids who are at varying stages of math ability as well as challenges them to reach a higher level. Unlocking a badge signifies achievement and positively reinforces learning. Highly recommend.

Improves mental acuity

As a senior who loves puzzles and Sudoku, Flip4Gold is quickly making its way into my daily routine.

Flipped Out!

Flip4Gold is truly an addictive game! We downloaded the app and my son has not put it down since as he attempts to earn all of his badges. He loves this game. It is refreshing to find an app that is as educational as it is fun. I think Flip4Gold is a true break-through in math learning.

Flipped out for math!

My kids love it and I am addicted too! My daughter who is starting third grade in September is teaching herself the twelve times table with the help of the built-in multiplication/division table. Her progress is amazing and I am confident she will be well ahead of where she needs to be when she returns to school.

Our Flip4Gold mathematicians are saying…

Within the first week of returning to school, two of my daughters commented on how their math skills had improved. I attribute this improvement to playing Flip4Gold, launched on July 19, 2013.

8 Year old:

“Grade 3 math is so much easier than grade 2. I really understand how to add and subtract now. I am teaching myself multiplication and division too! I would play Flip4Gold all day long if my mom would let me.”

11 Year old:

“I am playing Flip4Gold every day to help me quickly recall math facts in preparation for the SSAT I am taking in November.”

13 Year old:

“I really noticed an improvement in my mental math skills as soon as I returned to school. When I am doing the warm-up math drills in math class my recall of math facts is much quicker than last year. Flip4Gold rocks!”