Magnitude Educational™, founded in 2013, is a Toronto-based mobile application business dedicated to publishing apps, which are both fun and educational for children of all ages.

The company published its first mobile application Flip4Gold™ for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android in July and October of 2013. Believing that within every child there exists a bright light, we are committed to helping children discover their bright light.
We are currently developing two more fun and exciting apps.

We take Internet safety for children very seriously and would like to assure parents that our apps do not have third party banner advertising, social network links or in-app purchases.

About Our Flip4Gold Team

Nancy Gossling
Nancy Gossling

Nancy Gossling, a professional chartered accountant with extensive international experience in various industries, is the Founder and Director of Magnitude Educational Inc™ a publisher of educational children’s mobile applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.

She is the creator of Flip4Gold, a fun and challenging app inspired and tested by her four daughters. Tayte (13), Flynne (11), Reed (8) and Tilly (6) each brought their unique perspectives and love of math and learning to the creative process of developing Flip4Gold.

Flynne created and developed the original game concept for Flip4Gold, a math game consisting of four rows of nine tiles each using dice and flash cards to create multiplication, division, addition and subtraction equations to be solved. This version of the game is highly addictive and the Flip4Gold team expanded it to four levels gradually introducing more difficult math equations.

Licensing Opportunities

Email Len Gaik at for all licensing enquiries and opportunities.


Phone: 647 216 5498


We are committed to helping others!

10% of our Flip4Gold profit is donated to charitable initiatives focusing on youth in Toronto. We are starting locally but have high aspirations to help children learn and love math around the world! Stay tuned to see what exciting things we are doing.

The other ninety percent is reinvested to develop educational and fun mobile applications for children.